Tableau Q1 2023 Update

By - April 18, 2023

Tableau has recently announced its Q1 release, which includes a range of exciting new features across its suite of products including Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Prep, Tableau Mobile, and Tableau Data Management. Among the top new features are Accelerator Data Mapping, Tableau for Slack Enhancements, and Identity Pools for Tableau Server.

Accelerator Data Mapping

Tableau’s ready-to-use Accelerator dashboards just received a simplified kickstart. With Data Mapping, you can reduce the time to analyze when using an Accelerator dashboard. Now when you configure an Accelerator, the Data Mapper allows users to pull outside data into the Accelerator and map fields from their data source into the fields the Accelerator expects. All of this is made possible by the Data Mapping UI – a hybrid dialogue box that opens by default with any Data Mapping enabled Accelerator.

Tableau for Slack Enhancements

Slack users can now collaborate on insights more effectively with the Tableau app for Slack. With the latest enhancement, it is even easier to put data at the center of every conversation and decision. Now, you can:

  • Share Tableau content with context. Links now produce previews so your team can quickly assess, and act on, relevant information.
  • Easily search for and share Tableau content in direct messages and channels.
  • Arrive at insights faster by conveniently accessing your recents and favorites from the App homepage

 Identity Pools for Tableau Server

With the Identity Pool feature in Tableau Server, you can expand beyond the restricted single identity store limit. An Identity Pool merges a “Source of Users,” also known as the Identity Store, and an authentication mechanism. This feature enables you to establish new pools in which your user source can belong to a local identity store and authenticate using modern OpenID Connect. This increased flexibility proves advantageous for companies with external users who require Tableau access but cannot be invited to their corporate Active Directory.

User Attribute Functions (UAFs)

Two new user functions, UserAttribute() and UserAttributeIncludes(), collectively known as User Attribute Functions (UAFs), allow the use of user attributes specified during the Connected Apps login process in calculations. These functions provide additional data source filter options for row-level security beyond username and group, such as department, region, etc., enabling customization of data access for any user in embedded scenarios.

Dynamic Axis Titles

Dynamic axis titles allow users to modify the axis title based on the value of a parameter or a single-value field.

Additional Security Policies for Tableau Mobile

Tableau administrators can now activate more security policies in their site or server settings to further enhance Tableau Mobile’s security. These policies include preventing screen sharing and screen capturing (Android only), detecting jailbreaks, and identifying malware.

Tableau Prep: External Connector Gallery Integration

The Tableau Exchange now provides partner-created data connectors that are accessible in Tableau Prep Builder’s “Additional Connectors” section of the connection pane. This enhancement allows for effortless discovery and connection to these third-party connectors, making it simpler to integrate, refine, and refine your data.

That concludes the Quarter 1 Tableau release summary. Stay up to date with the current version of Tableau Desktop here: Download Tableau Desktop

To read more about the Q1 new feature release, check out the entire list of updates here: Tableau 2023.1 Download Our Latest Release

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