Tableau Q3 2022 Update

By - October 20, 2022

The Tableau Q3 “Coming Soon” update was recently announced, and it has an exciting new list of features for Tableau’s suite of products such as Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Prep, and Tableau Mobile. The top new features include Data Guide and Dynamic Zone Visibility for Desktop and Server, and Write to CRM Analytics and Web Data Connector 3.0 for Tableau Prep.

Tableau Desktop and Server:

Data Guide

This new feature provides unique insights into dashboards and the data behind them. With Data Guide, you can now see an interactive pane that shows relevant data for your analysis, ensures your selected data is the most accurate, and allows users to play with more confidence as you create your visualizations. This feature highlights important information such as outliers and trends in your data. This pane is available on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Cloud, and Tableau Server.

Table Extensions

Table Extensions leverage deep analytics and data shaping with code and APIs to add a new layer to see and understand data. This allows users to dynamically bring entire data tables from analytic tools such as Python, R, Einstein Discovery, and more into Tableau’s data model. Users can live query data tables, connect them to analytic extensions for analysis, enrichment, or re-shaping, and return results to Tableau tables like any other data source. This allows simultaneous advanced analytics integration making for real-time results due to the dynamic, live connection.

Dynamic Zone Visibility

Dynamic Zone Visibility lets you cater your visuals to your end-users, so they only see the dashboard items relevant to them. Create interactive and unique dashboards that dynamically reveal dashboard elements. From the layout pane, you can configure when certain dashboard elements are shown or hidden based on the values of parameters and fields – making dashboards that much more customizable.

Ask Data Phrase Recommendations

Ask Data phrase recommendations make it even easier for business users to ask questions about their data using natural language. Powered by machine learning models, Ask Data intelligently recommends next-step suggestions to uncover additional insights into your data. Ask Data will recommend new measures or dimensions to group by or filter based on the current selection. Selected recommendations automatically update the query sent to Ask Data and the visualized answer that is returned.

Copy Dimensions as a Measure

When using a dimension as a measure within the same or different worksheet, get more flexibility by using a quick gesture. Simply drag a dimension over the dimension-measure separator using the modifier key (Windows: Ctrl, OSX: Cmd), and the dimension will be copied as a measure.

Modern Sharing Experience

This new feature makes sure all members in your organization are aware of and can access relevant content more quickly. Tableau will check if the people you shared content with have proper permissions to view it. If you share with someone who does not have access, you will now be prompted to manage permissions and grant access immediately after sharing.

Collections Site Setting

Collections let members across your organization gather and organize content from across your site on Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server. Admins can now enable or disable Collections for an entire site with a single click. Pre-existing Collections will be restored if you re-enable Collections.

Data Stories on all Data Sources

You can now add automated plain-language summaries to dashboards using Data Stories on any data source. You will be notified that your data is sent to a cloud-hosted service when setting up Data Stories. Administrators can also disable this feature for all users through the site settings if they’d like to instead restrict the use of Data Stories.

Email and Slack Notifications for Explain Data

Now you can quickly share insights from Explain Data through Slack and email. Recipients are notified on Slack with an image and description of the explanation and can click a link to open the explanation in Tableau.

Improved Quick Search in Tableau Server

The Tableau search bar has been enhanced allowing you to navigate to relevant content faster and more intelligently. The reimagined Quick Search includes a new suggested content algorithm and a streamlined design, and past searches are a click away to save time and speed up your time to insight. *This capability is now available in Tableau Server for 2022.3.

Metrics Improvements in Tableau Server

Create metrics to track key data points without having to access your dashboards and edit them at any time. You can now come back and edit existing metrics to change the historical comparison period, the date range used by the metric, and the status indicators. Additionally, you can dynamically explore different date windows while analyzing the metric without editing the configuration. *This capability is now available in Tableau Server for 2022.3.

Tableau Prep

Write to CRM Analytics with Tableau Prep

After using Tableau Prep to clean, shape, and combine data, you can now write your flow output to CRM Analytics. This new capability, available in both Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Prep on the web, lets you combine the ease of cleaning and shaping data in Tableau Prep with CRM Analytics to enable your Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics right in their workflow.

Web Data Connector 3.0

There is now a new developer experience for creating connectors to web application data via APIs. Web Data Connector 3.0 provides a toolkit with everything you need to develop a connector in a single package. Additionally, web data connectors are now .taco files so they no longer need to be web hosted and can be easily integrated across the entire Tableau platform.

SharePoint Lists Connector

With the new connector for Sharepoint Lists in Tableau Cloud and the Tableau Exchange, users can now access data in SharePoint Lists, directly from Tableau. This connector also supports Azure AD authentication.

Tableau Mobile

Improved Sharing in Tableau Mobile

You can now share content with other Tableau users in Tableau Mobile to ensure you’re working off the same information. Recipients will receive a notification and shared content will appear in the “Shared with Me” channel on their home screen.

That concludes the Quarter 3 Tableau release summary. Stay up to date with the current version of Tableau Desktop here: Download Tableau Desktop.

To read more about the Q3 new feature release, check out the entire list of updates here: Coming Soon: New features in Tableau.

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