Rapid Verification Model – Industrials

By - July 29, 2022

RSM’s rapid verification model (RVM) is a model and philosophy which allows RSM to deliver consistent industry solutions in a repeatable process. The RVM process and model is based on continuous improvement with feedback from RSM delivery teams and kept up to date with Microsoft releases. RVM allows customers to realize the value of Dynamics 365 and their projects sooner while taking advantage of RSM subject matter experts (SMEs).

RVM uses industry knowledge to create setup and configuration, business processes, and data packages to quickly deliver an industry-specific solution to customers.

  • BPM (Business Process Modeler)
    • Business processes modeled within Dynamics 365
    • Descriptions of the module/process / when it would be used / and key decisions that need to be made
    • Task recordings used as a step-by-step guide within Dynamics 365
  • Setup & Configuration
    • Industry-specific configuration based on knowledge from industry SMEs
    • Parameters and configuration setup for all modules specific to the industry
  • Data Packages
    • Sample data specific to the industry
    • Data migration packages and templates created for common industry data points

The Industrials version of RVM targets companies in the manufacturing (process and discrete) and distribution sectors.

The RVM for Industrials uses the base RSM RVM packages for financials, including the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and project management in accounting. RSM has taken the base described above and made industry-specific changes to the following areas:

  • Plan to Produce
    • Bills of material, formulas, batch orders, and production orders are all supported depending on the manufacturing need
    • Specific business processes built out for process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing
  • Landed Cost
    • Defined processes and setup are identifying the total cost of transportation and concentrating on the import of finished goods and materials
    • Processes for managing the entire ‘voyage’ goods will take a physical and financial perspective
  • Asset Management
    • Industrials specific setup and business process for maintaining equipment and other assets
  • Engineering Change Management
    • Specific processes modeled for product lifecycle management
    • Provides base setup required to have an effective product change management strategy and workflow
  • Product Configurator
    • Processes built to support configure-to-order scenarios with constraint-based decisions and quoting
  • ‘On-the-way’ Scenarios
    • Processes defined for industrials to track the change of ownership for goods once they are shipped outside the full Landed Cost module
  • Quality Management
    • Industrials-specific processes for managing the end-to-end quality process, including quality orders, on-hold material/goods, and testing
  • Financials
    • Industrials specific chart of accounts and general ledger postings for the manufacturing and distribution sectors

RVM for Industrials can assist in accelerating your Dynamics 365 implementation while incorporating expertise from industry SMEs


Please contact D365 Industrials – D365Industrials@rsmus.com for more information.

Nick is an Industrials and Manufacturing consultant with expertise in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain. Nick has strong experience implementing Dynamics 365 for distributors, process manufacturers, and discrete manufacturers.

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