What ERP applications can be integrated with SharePoint?

By - August 13, 2015

SharePoint has a very wide breadth and depth with the ability to provide a variety of capabilities, features and technology. These capabilities will allow you to create an intranet, easy collaboration, accessible information, business intelligence and knowledge management portals.

However, there are instance where clients will still ask us, “can I use SharePoint’s core document management functionality with other applications in our enterprise?” Or, “can I use real-time data from other applications in SharePoint?” The simple answer is yes.

There are integrated applications that do just that, such as:

  1. Dynamics CRM – You can store documents related to a CRM entity within SharePoint.
  2. Dynamics AX – Generate financial reports and store them directly in SharePoint via a web link.
  3. Dynamics GP – SharePoint uses eConnect API to create PO, shipping receipts and invoices in the accounts payable workflows.
  4. SQL Server reporting services – Have the ability to provide a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help you create SSRS reports within SharePoint.
  5. SAP – Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software for the enterprise market that can help you mange business operations and customer relations.
  6. iMIS –  This application can help manage membership based organizations.

As you can see, SharePoint has the ability to integrate external applications easily which allows the communication to be open both ways. External applications can use SharePoint as document repository and make use of its core functionality – Enterprise Content Management (ECM). SharePoint can retrieve and submit real-time data from external applications to provide the user the information they needs at a given point in time.

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