Improving the Customer Experience — Part 1 of 3

By - April 17, 2017

Improving customer experience part 1:  5 Things to Consider When Creating Help Desk Mission & Vision Statements

Providing customers with the ultimate help desk experience starts with a clearly defined mission or vision statement that will distinguish you from your competitors and move your Help Desk to a category of excellence.  Here are some things you should consider when defining your Help Desk’s mission or vision statement:

  • Help Desk mission and vision statements should align with the goals and objectives of the firm.  Make sure that you and your team completely understand the overall goals and objectives of your business and then determine how your Help Desk will contribute to meet those goals.  Help Desk mission or vision statements should be an extension of what your business is about, the technology you support, and should be based on the firm’s long-term objectives.  It should be clear, concise, inspirational, easy to understand, and stated in terms of the customer’s viewpoint. When developing your mission or vision statement, it should incorporate the following:
  • What does your business do?
  • How do you get it done?
  • For whom do you do it?
  • What distinguishes you from your competitors?
  • What and how do you achieve your objectives?

A well-defined mission or vision statement lays the groundwork for creating and carrying out the strategies of the organization.

  1. Help Desk mission and vision statements should integrate the firm’s core values. You and your team should have a complete understanding of the firm’s core values and integrate one or more of these values into your statement.  Some examples of core values include: excellent service, respect, integrity, teamwork and collaboration, results, high quality, foster learning experiences for customers and employees, partnering, mentoring, and loyalty.
  2. Introduce Help Desk mission and vision statements as part of the on-boarding process for new hires. Your Help Desk mission or vision statement should define who you are and what you do every day.  Your mission or vision statement should be an expression of your firm’s most important values.  It should be reinforced in any training provided by the company for new and existing employees.  Your company’s mission and vision statements should be included on internal and external materials produced by your company, your website, your intranet, and any other form of communication disseminated from the firm’s leadership to its employees.  Consider creating a “Vision and Values” course or tour where business owners and other members of leadership speak to their employees about the firm’s culture, its vision, and its core values.
  3. Include Help Desk mission and vision statements with all customer communications. Your value and mission statements should be included with all verbal and written communications to your customers.  Your firm’s mission and vision statements should be visible on the company’s documents, website, customer portal, newsletters, email signatures, phone messaging, and any other forms of interaction you have with your customer.
  4. Research and learn about the Help Desk mission and vision statements of other successful organizations. Check out the mission and vision statements of other firms in your industry and other highly successful companies.   Do these statements answer the questions of the what, the how, and for whom? What sets them apart from their competitors? Look for certain buzz words that draw you in and make you want to learn more about the company.   Then think about your business and what makes it unique in your industry and apply what you’ve learned.

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by Nancy Hogan for RSM



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