Why is project management important to your business?

By - May 19, 2017

What is change to a business? Overwhelming? Exciting? Time consuming? Necessary? These are all factors of change in a business.

Internal employees are great resources to help contribute to the project but frequently have competing priorities, dealing with their day to day tasks and additional responsibilities from special projects. We have seen client’s struggle to sustain momentum on long-term projects with multiple initiatives and a lengthy time horizon. When this happens, projects stall, key deadlines aren’t met and the business suffers. Outsourcing is a great way to implement change and keep in alignment with the project’s goals.

Returns on investing in a project manager will be seen through:

  • Management of budget and time expectations
  • Quality of documentation and deliverables
  • Project plan/status update management
  • Organization
  • Employees are able to focus on their regular duties
  • Efficient use of and management of resources

A recent project with a manufacturing client proved the importance of strong project management to meet deadlines and expectations. The project also proved that things are not always predictable and do not follow the project plan. In this case, the flow of the project was significantly impacted by limited staff availability, lack of formal policies and procedures and system constraints. Many of these factors were unknowns at the time the project plan was created. The project management team was able reassess the project and revise their plan and determine that additional resources were needed to still meet key deadlines. It is essential to the project to have someone manage these to make sure targets are still reached and resources are used efficiently. When you are considering your next project, consider the benefits that can be achieved utilizing a project manager.

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