Connecting to Dynamics CRM Online From Scribe Online CRM Adapter

By - November 16, 2016

I had run into an issue that was new for me. I had been connected to a test Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance for a week building out jobs and when we went to connect to production I was getting an “Access Denied” error. I knew I had the login credentials and organization correct but couldn’t get it to connect. I then noticed that the default “CRM Online URL” that Scribe Online CRM adapter pre-populates is “” I noticed that on the developer resources page in CRM Customizations it had “”

Access Denied Error When Connecting to Dynamics CRM Online From Scribe Online CRM Adapter (Solved)

As soon as I changed that value in the “Manage Connections” screen of Scribe Online CRM adapter, the connection test succeeded. A simple fix and something that was an oversight on my part in the stress to migrate to a production environment.

I hope this saves you a little bit of time!

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by Josh Thompson for RSM


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