How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics

By - June 25, 2015

Are you seeing bad or missing data in Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics? You may need to recreate your data mart within Management Reporter. Before you go rushing into things though, please take a minute to read my blog, Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Management Reporter Data Mart: what is it and when you’d recreate, with some of my thoughts on the recreating the data mart. I also recommend testing the same report against the legacy data provider. If there are issues in the legacy provider also, the data mart is not the problem.

With an understanding of when you’d recreate Management Reporter Data Mart, please read ahead on how to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter.

Launch the Management Reporter Configuration Console as administrator user in Management Reporter. If multiple integrations appear with similar names under the ERP Integrations section, it will indicate at the end of the name that it is integrating to the data mart and not DYNAMICS (ManagementReporterDM is the default in recent versions). Make a note of this name though before you remove the database, as this is the database will need to be deleted within SQL. Click to select the data mart integration. Click to Disable Integration and give it just a minute to make sure it processes correctly. Next click to Remove the data mart. Click OK when asked to confirm.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 1

Next, you will need to Launch SQL Server Management Studio. Click to select the Management Reporter data mart database noted in the above steps. Make sure that you are not deleting the ManagementReporter database, but the ManagementReporterDM database (It used to be called DDM). Right click and select Delete.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 2

Mark the box to Close existing connections and accept the rest of the default settings. Click OK.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 3

From this point on, all we are doing is basically re-doing the initial process used to configure the data mart. From the menu within the Configuration Console, go to File > Configure. Mark the box to Add Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Mart. Click Next.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 4

Ensure the database server and instance name is correct. It will default to the server you are running the configuration console from, which may not be the SQL server. Enter the appropriate SQL credentials and select the DYNAMICS database for the database dropdown menu. Enter the appropriate SQL credentials and enter the same Management Reporter Data mart database name previously deleted from SQL Management Studio.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 5

Click Configure.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 6

Depending on the resources of the server, this may run quickly or take a while. If you run into issues and have a ton of data, I have seen issues where you need to increase the timeout settings for the services. First, check the deployment logs, and if you find references to the timeout period elapsing, you should look at increasing the timeout settings. The configuration file for these changes live here: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics ERPManagement Reporter2.1ServerServicesMRServiceHost.settings.config.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 10

Click Close when done.

Click to select the recreated DM integration. Depending on your version of Management Reporter, you may need to select specific companies to integrate. With Management Reporter Cumulative Update 11 and above, connecting to a Dynamics GP 2015 database, the integration setting is set within Dynamics GP itself. Tools-Setup-Company-Company-Options and towards the bottom you will see some check boxes to enable General Ledger reporting or Analytical Accounting reporting in Management Reporter.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 8

Back in the configuration console, click Enable Integration and let it run its initial integration to completion.

How to recreate the data mart in Management Reporter 9

Once that initial integration completes, you’re all done! Now go back and test the reports to make sure the correct data is pulling out of Management Reporter.

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By: Paul Newsom – Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP partner


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