Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales : Error When Adding a New User

By - June 19, 2017

This error message occurred when I was in the Office 365 Admin Portal adding licenses to several users for our client’s organization.

“We couldn’t replace products for everyone you selected. The list below explains who couldn’t get updated and why.” Following with “We’re sorry, the user couldn’t be edited. Review the user information and try again. Correlation ID: 87b24c81-0f8e-4d99-8a30-490b5e46ffbc.”



After enabling the licenses, one specific user kept getting the following error each time “Save” was clicked.


There was not much information when searching for this error online. After digging down, our team found that there was a synchronization error between the Office 365 Portal and Active Directory (AD) on premise. For this specific use case with our client, they had employees that left their company and their email inboxes would be forwarded to their managers.  It was those specific user accounts where we observed this issue occurring. As you may be aware, when you disable accounts in AD, they are not actually being purged and will still exist in Microsoft Azure. Once that occurred and the next time AD was synced with Azure, Azure would produce a conflict error. We were able to get around this in the admin console for 365 by checking to see all the proxy addresses and removing the previous email address and syncing AD. We have found that these conflicts in AD only impact Dynamics 365. This should resolve the specific issue when adding the D365 licenses to users in the Admin Portal.

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By: Brian Jason Smith – Florida | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (Formerly Microsoft CRM)


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