Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises is Released

By - January 19, 2017

Those eagerly waiting to try out Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premises can now download the update from Microsoft and play with the new functionalities for Dynamics 365.

The update is now available for customers on-premises running Microsoft Dynamics 2016. The new update is called “December 2016 Update for Dynamics 365”.

The current MSCRM 2016 on-prem version is 8.1


After you install the Dynamics 365, the server version will change to 8.2



The version number for this update is 8.2.0000.0749

A couple of tips to note before installing this update:

  • The update can only be applied to MSCRM Server running CRM 2016. If you are on CRM 2015, you must update to CRM 2016 then run this update.
  • Make sure you backup your MSCRM 2016 server/database before attempting to install this update.
  • Be aware that some custom ISV solutions or custom scripts may not work anymore after installing this update. Hence, make sure you backup your solutions or deploy this to a dev environment first before deploying to production.
  • Not all functionalities of Dynamics 365 will be available in this update compared to Dynamics 365 Online. Please see the list below for differences between on-prem and online

Dynamics 365 – Online vs on-premises features FAQ

  • If you are installing a fresh Microsoft Dynamics 365 server, make sure you read the minimum requirements for setup.

You can check all the new features for this update in the link below:

What’s new

What’s new for Administrators

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