Feature Spotlight: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing

By - April 29, 2015

Over the course of my Microsoft Dynamics CRM career, I’ve worked with versions 4.0, 2011, 2013, and now 2015.  In the earlier iterations, the Marketing module was not as strong as it is today, and I found myself recommending clients install one plugin or another in order to strengthen their marketing capabilities.  In the latest release of Dynamics CRM, Microsoft has made that need much less pressing.  Let’s take a look at how:

  • WYSIWYG email editor: One of the main draws of the third party plugins is that they allow you to preview your email as you write it. Formatting, images and hyperlinks will all appear to you as they will to the recipient, which cuts creation time in half, and makes decision making that much easier. You can now add columns, backgrounds, and graphic elements, while maintaining the ability to insert dynamic elements—such as a First Name field—to really supercharge your marketing efforts, out of the box. There are now a handful of clean and professional looking templates included to help get you started.
    • It also includes a preview feature that lets you check how your email will look on devices with different screen sizes before you send it, ensuring that your client who checks his email on his phone will have the same experience as the one who checks on his tablet and the one who checks on his desktop.
    • Finally, it includes A/B testing, to let you verify which format and which delivery time is the most effective for getting your message across.
  • Upgraded Campaign features: You can now have marketing e-mails send out based on new triggers and enhanced logic, and the system can automatically remove someone from the recipient list based on a set number of bounces.
    • If you use Microsoft Lync, you can now integrate webinar events into your marketing emails and track customer attendance and registration.
  • In addition to the current integration with Google Adwords, Dynamics CRM now integrates with Bing Ads. If you link either account to your Dynamics CRM instance, you can now track the results without having to leave Dynamics CRM. These features, among others, make Dynamics CRM Marketing a much more robust solution out of the box, lessening the need to increase expense and rely on third party plugins.

If you are considering a new CRM solutions, make sure Microsoft Dynamics is on your list. Here’s a helpful guide if you are comparing the costs of two popular CRM systems. If you have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing or Dynamics CRM in general, contact our professionals at 855.437.7202 or crm@rsmus.com.

By Zach Greenbaum – Mid-Atlantic Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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