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By - December 6, 2018

The SuiteSolutions – Effective Date Pricing bundle is an effective tool that allows you to schedule an item price update for a specific period of time.

Specifically, the Effective Date Pricing bundle supported features are:

  • Schedules complex and specific price changes well in advance by allowing to set the start date and end date as well as the price level to update.
  • Supports both individual item price updates as well as item category price updates.
  • Uses scheduled scripts that will run in the background.


In order to utilize the Effective Date Pricing bundle, you must first enable the following features on your NetSuite Account:

1. Setup > Company > Enable Features > Suite Cloud

  • Client SuiteScript
  • Server SuiteScript
  • Custom Records

2. Setup > Company > Enable Features > Item & Inventory

  • Inventory

3. Setup > Company > Enable Features > Transactions > Sales

  • Multiple Prices


Effective Date Pricing is designed to follow the below steps:

  1. Create Pricing Update records.
  2. Set Pricing Update Prices.
  3. A Scheduled Script will check the dates of the Pricing Update records.
  4. A Scheduled Script will update the item prices based on the Pricing Update records.

Pricing update record

Once the Effective Date Pricing bundle is installed, navigate to the Pricing Update record to create a new pricing update for a specific item or item category.

Effective Date Pricing > Records > Pricing Update Records
Set the following fields:

  1. Category Update (checkbox)
  2. Permanent Price Change (checkbox)
  3. Item
  4. Item Category
  5. Start Date
  6. End Date

Pricing update prices

Once the Pricing Update record has been created, you are able to set price level updates as a child record.
Set the following fields:

  1. Pricing Update
  2. Price Level
  3. Modified Price
  4. Category Price % Increase
  5. Round to .99
  6. Round to .00

Additional info

  • CSV Import of Pricing Update and Pricing Updated Prices records are both supported
  • Multiple Pricing Update records can exist for an Item if the dates are not overlapping
  • A record of all past and current price changes are kept on the Item record under the Effective Date Pricing subtab

SuiteSolutions are industry-leading, solution accelerators that are designed and developed by NetSuite Professional Services. The Effective Date Pricing bundle may be purchased as an add-on module for a one-time charge. For more detailed information on pricing and installation, please contact NetSuite support for more information.

For more information on this topic or others related to NetSuite, contact RSM at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Paul Petersen

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