Five ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Insights can help you improve relationships

By - October 7, 2014

My last blog, Enabling insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Getting the most out of your CRM investment, covered deployment of this new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 features.  Today I’ll cover five way Microsoft Dynamics CRM Insights can be used to improve your business relationships.

  1.  Research companies – You need a timely, relevant pitch that addresses critical needs. Dynamics CRM Insights can save you hours of time on pre-call research every month. All the information you need, from company intelligence to current news, is at your fingertips in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  2. Research people – Once you’ve synched a prospect you can quickly see their background, check current news and scan social media posts to see exactly what’s on your prospect’s mind.
  3. Update Dynamics CRM contact data -The Sync feature also allows you to add or update company or contact data in your Dynamics CRM system with the push of a button. If you are updating a company or contact that already exists in your Dynamics CRM system, you can choose which fields to update.
  4. Get email alerts – When you “follow” companies or people in Dynamics CRM Insights they are added to a Watchlist. You‘ll get daily or weekly email alerts that include company news, job changes and social media posts — all right in your inbox.
  5. Use connections to get an introduction -See how you’re connected to a prospect with Dynamics CRM Insights’ Connections feature. With the click of a button, you can ask for a referral from someone in your network. Click “Start Conversation” to send a customizable email directly to a prospect. Dynamics CRM Insights even suggests conversation starters based on current news and events.

If you have uncovered other ways Dynamics CRM Insights is working for your company, please use the comments below to let me know about them. You can also learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and social CRM topics via our Dynamics CRM Pros blog.

If you are looking for a partner who can help extend your version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, RSM can help.  Whether its adding more relationship functionality through an xRM solution or configuring Dynamics CRM to suit your unique needs, RSM has Microsoft Certified Professionals with deep industry and technical experience.  Contact our professional at or by phone at 855.437.7202 for more information.

By: Charles Webb – Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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