How to leverage Organization Insights for your system

By - May 1, 2018

Have you ever wanted to track user adoption or system performance in a more streamlined way? The answer is Organization Insights, a free app by Microsoft. This tool is a great way to monitor many aspects of your system and I would like to show you some of its best features.

One of my favorites is the Organization Insights Dashboard. If you are a system administrator, this may be your most useful dashboard to view when your first log in every day. Here, you can view daily usage by most active users and total operations. This dashboard also gives you the ability to toggle between 2 hours, 48 hours and 30-day windows.

Just by viewing this dashboard, you can easily monitor your system on the fly.

The main Organization Insights app, once installed, can access this via Settings under the System section.

Once you open it, you should see much more functionality compared to the Dashboard. Here, you can choose many options from the menu on the left. You can also specify the date range of the data you would like to view as well as customize the layout of any screen you are on.

The data you can pull out of Organization Insights is great to really drill down into your information. Whether it is your top used entities or the top workflows that fail, all of which can help in getting better system performance for your users.

Organization Insights also gives you the ability to export the data to excel if you want to report on the following:

If Organization Insights is an app you think your organization can benefit from, I would recommend downloading it for free via the Microsoft AppSource by clicking here.

I hope this article gives you some ideas on how you can use this app to your advantage.

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By: Brian Jason Smith – Florida | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

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