Dynamics AX: Sending XML Files to a Microsoft Message Queue

By - April 10, 2017


I’ve been working with Scribe Insight to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.  I’m using a queue integration to pass sales orders and shipping information between them.  We have XML’s that are dropped onto a file share with the shipping information I use to post the packing slips in AX.   Although I’m aware you can point to a folder and have the Scribe integration pick up files from within the folder, I like using the queues a little better, and I wanted to keep all of my integration processes similar.  I didn’t like having some integrations pointing to a folder, and others pointing to the queue.  With a little research, I was able to put together a Windows PowerShell script that allowed me to take the files from the folder and get them to Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ).  Below is the script.


Save the above as a *.PS1 file and execute via cmd or batch file, or schedule in Windows Task Scheduler if needed.

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by LaTonia Watne for RSM

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