Before You Abandon Your ERP System, Consider Optimizing

By - June 7, 2013

Let’s face it, the demands of an implementation project along with the pressures of their “day jobs” mean that most clients learn only what they need to in order to get a new system operational. Then, through personnel changes and attrition, even the limited amount of knowledge gained during the implementation quickly erodes. Changing partner relationships also contribute to the problem. Contacts are lost as team members from both sides move on so the reasons for configuration and process decisions are often forgotten. Those settings and processes don’t change, however, because the users don’t understand the impact and fear the consequences. Over time, the result is an inefficient and vastly underutilized system. We often see clients in this situation that are shopping for new software because they think their system can’t do what they need when, in fact, it can. They just need to be shown how.

Fortunately, the problem can easily be overcome. Users can become more proficient and learn best practices by joining users groups like GPUG. Their on line forums and group meetings provide opportunities to post questions and talk to peers about better ways to do things. Microsoft also offers free elearning courses through CustomerSource which can get new users up to speed on basic processes without necessarily repeating the mistakes of the past. Finally, for companies interested in a more holistic approach, contact RSM for a Rapid Assessment. We can bring in a team of industry, application and infrastructure experts to do a thorough review of your systems and processes. We can show you where you are and what’s causing your problems, demonstrate what the future state could look like and develop a plan for you to get there. If you’re operating on an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’ve made a significant investment. Before you look to abandon it, make sure you’re using it to its fullest potential.

By: Hans Wulczyn – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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