Dynamics GP: Adding EFT Data to the Vendor Master Trigger

By - February 1, 2017

Beginning with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft began offering the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) for free. The PSTL includes some really useful utilities, including the PM, RM and GP Master Triggers. The Master Trigger tools copy inserts and updates made to vendors, customers and GL accounts in a “master” company to other companies to save time and keep the databases in sync. For companies using the PM Master Trigger tool and trying to go paperless by sending electronic payments, one of its shortcomings is pretty glaring. When EFT data is added to a vendor address or modified, those changes are not propagated by the Master Trigger. I recently had this limitation crop up in a multi-company implementation, so I spent a few hours writing my own trigger to resolve it. It’s not integrated with the PSTL, so it doesn’t automatically add code for each company that you want to copy data to, but it’s easy to modify.

Access the code via the link below:


The trigger is written against the SY06000 table, which is where the EFT data is stored. To modify and use the trigger, do the following:

  1. Search the code for “<ChildCo>” and replace it with a valid Company ID (SQL database name). Data entered in the master company will be copied to the Company ID you enter.
  2. Replicate the code between “/*** Start ***/” and “/*** End ***/” for each child company you need to copy data to. Repeat Step 1 for each child company.
  3. Execute the completed script against the master company.

After successfully executing the script, test it by adding or modifying EFT data in the master company and verifying that the changes are copied to the child companies.

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by Hans Wulczyn for RSM

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