GeoCoding records in Woodford for the Field Service Mobile app (Built on Resco)

By - April 26, 2019

There is a powerful tool in Woodford called GeoCoder. This is an easy way to easily populate the Latitude and Longitude of an address for any record where this information lives. Whether it is an Account, Contact, or Warehouse, if you want to use the map functionality in the Field Service App, the latitude and longitude is a must.

To use the GeoCoder tool in Woodford, you will need a Bing Map API key. Luckily, this comes with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Navigate to Resource Scheduling > Administration (under settings) and then Scheduling Parameters (You can also purchase a Bing Map API Key by going to this link).

Copy the following Bing API key as we will be using this for the Geocoding tool.

Next, open up Resco Woodford and then go to Geocoding over on the left.

Next, select the entity you would like GeoCode with a Latitude and Longitude.

For this example, I will be Geocoding Warehouses. Next, select the fields for your address information and set the fields where your Latitude and Longitude information will reside. Be sure to paste your Bing Map API Key

As soon as that is set, click fetch data.

This will pull all data from your organization.

You can see once this loads, you are able to filter out records that already have Latitude and Longitude information. I will only show Warehouse with an Empty Lat/Lon. Select the records you want to GeoCode and then click Find Position.

This will then use your Bing API Key and search for the Latitude and Longitude based on your address information. When complete, click Save. This will then write this data back to your system. Any records that show up in red are errors and could be invalid.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

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By: Brian Jason Smith – Florida | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service


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