Cloud platform considerations when choosing an Cloud ERP solution

By - November 6, 2013

In very simple terms, Cloud Computing or in this case, Cloud ERP provides your organization with an ERP solution and all the financial capabilities as a utility.  Thinking in terms of electricity, the more you use, the more you pay.  Cloud metering metrics might equate to the number users you have accessing the solution or how much bandwidth or compute processing power you use over a given time period.  In the case of NetSuite, its metric is based on user count.

Access to Cloud Computing is everywhere.  If you are on the internet, you should have access to Cloud resources.  When working in the cloud, you’re less concerned with servers, platform upgrades and personnel costs and can focus on growing your business.

So how does this platform help your organization?

  • Cost savings – When you consider the server room, hardware and personnel costs required to keep many information technology solutions running, the cloud often presents a cheaper alternative.
  • Infrastructure – The ongoing consumption of technology becomes less of an annoyance.  With cloud technologies, the days of painful infrastructure or application upgrades are gone.  Many cloud offerings include regular upgrades as part of their ongoing subscription fee.
  • Scalable solution – Cloud offerings can implement best-of-breed technology solutions for any size organization, serving all types of businesses from the largest to the smallest.  As large businesses demand robust capabilities, small businesses benefit from enhanced functionality.

If you are considering a new ERP system and whether it should be hosted in a private or public cloud, look to the professionals at RSM for a review of the benefits and savings.  Learn how our Cloud Computing Rapid Assessment® can improve performance and lower costs.  Contact our professionals at 855.437.7202 or

By: Lee Voigt – National Cloud Service Provider for ERP

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