Dunning on Customers in NetSuite

By - March 16, 2018

Best Use of Dunning on Customers

Before configuring Dunning, users must decide to evaluate and collect AR on either the customer level or the individual invoice level. NetSuite recommends that Dunning Module users chose to send Dunning letters at the customer level as opposed to sending letters at the invoice level.

Evaluating dunning on customers removes the threat of sending customers more than one email at a time. Customers will receive one Dunning letter regardless of the volume of outstanding payments; all overdue invoices will be consolidated into one email/letter and sent to the customer with all invoices attached.

Assigning customers to be evaluated is a straightforward process for both new and existing customers. If you are implementing Dunning into an existing NetSuite environment, customers can be assigned via csv import.

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By: Brandon Cove


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