Ensuring Cloud ERP Implementation Effectiveness with NetSuite through Solution Testing

By - February 18, 2015

In today’s world, businesses are investing heavily in technology to ensure their business run better. However, this technology only provides a positive ROI if it is implemented effectively and on schedule. In order to achieve this result, RSM’s NetSuite implementation teams develop testing plans tailored specifically for each client to ensure their NetSuite solution delivers the expected benefits needed to drive their business into a more competitive landscape.

RSM’s method consists of three major components: a clear testing schedule, a centralized database of test cases with real-time results tracking, and consistent communication.

From a project management perspective, the testing schedule ensures that both RSM and its clients have met deadlines and provided proper deliverables before testing is conducted. This is so the testing environment mimics the transactions that will be carried out on a daily basis once the client is live on NetSuite. Not only does this ensure that end-users are properly trained in their respective NetSuite processes, but any problems that arise during the testing process can be addressed before it interrupts daily business.

The centralized database of test cases enables clients to assign users proper testing scenarios with due dates. The results of the scenarios are tracked in real-time and can be clearly compared to an expected result.  Since the database is centralized, both the client and RSM can see if and when scenarios are being completed to ensure compliance to the overall project plan.

If any questions or problems arise during training, clients have a direct contact to a RSM team member to assist the end-user and solve the issues. RSM’s team of experienced NetSuite consultants provides consistent communication with client to ensure the integrity of the testing plan and adherence to the overall project schedule.

With a proven testing method and dedicated team of experienced professionals, RSM helps ensure that the client’s NetSuite solution is effectively implemented to provide optimal benefits.

To learn more about RSM services related to your NetSuite ERP solution, Contact RSM at erp@rsmus.com or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Tim Ayd – Maryland NetSuite Solution Provider

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