NetSuite Application Performance Management

By - March 8, 2018

Is your instance of NetSuite running multiple scripts and workflows? Are your experiencing slow page loading times? Do you have a high volume of records being processed? Then the Application Performance Management SuiteApp is for you. The SuiteApp provides you with the tools to manage the efficiency of your NetSuite operations and customizations. Components of this SuiteApp include:

  • Configurable Performance dashboard
  • Data visualizations
  • Page time summary
  • Script analysis
  • Script queue monitor


After bundle installation, your NetSuite Administrator can access the Dashboard by navigating to Customization > Performance > Dashboard. The Performance dashboard provides you with information necessary to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.


Within the dashboard setup, your administrator can identify which record types are on the Watch List and what operation is being performed. By drilling into a record type, you can view specific Data Visualizations for it.

Photo Credit: NetSuite Inc.


In addition to the dashboard, the Page Time Summary can be used to identify customizations (scripts, workflows, etc.) that take a long time to execute. To further review scripts and increase efficiency, use the Script Analysis and Script Queue Monitor.

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If your business is interested in cutting through the clutter and enhancing your NetSuite performance, don’t hesitate to explore your options and seek out the knowledge of RSM’s NetSuite professionals by contacting us at or calling 855.437.7202.

By: Alexis Wong – 
Minnesota NetSuite Solution Provider

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