NetSuite SuiteWorld 2016 Recap

By - May 26, 2016

NetSuite’s SuiteWorld conference was held in San Jose, Calif., May 16-19. RSM was a Platinum sponsor at the event which included a booth on the show expo floor. We had hundreds of clients and other NetSuite users stop by our booth to talk about RSM’s NetSuite services and capabilities.

During Monday’s partner meeting, RSM was announced as the Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year. This is the fourth year in a row that RSM has taken one of the top awards from NetSuite and the third time it has won this prestigious worldwide partner of the year award.

In addition to our award, our friends from across the Atlantic and RSM member firm RSM UK were honored to receive the International Regional Alliance Partner of the Year award.


Image: members of the RSM team accepting NetSuite’s Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year 2016 award

The theme to the conference was “Make Bold Happen,” and after seeing the numerous updates to the product and future updates coming, you can understand why they chose “Bold” as their conference theme.

My top 3 takeaways from SuiteWorld:

  1. The unveiling of SuiteBilling
  2. Announcement of OneWorld 16
  3. Omnichannel excellence with intelligent order management


NetSuite CEO, Zach Nelson spoke about the early days of NetSuite and what they intended to accomplish with their product. He mentioned that they didn’t set out to build a financial management system, but that they set out to build a system to run a business. SuiteBilling fits the bill of something to help run your business and not just to solve one specific area of the business. SuiteBilling is designed to allow businesses the ability to select how they track their transaction information, be it product-based, subscription-based, or time- and services-based. Ultimately, giving control to companies to unify the billing and revenue recognition processes.

OneWorld 16

OneWorld 16 is the enhancement of NetSuite’s existing OneWorld solution. According to Founder and CTO, Evan Goldberg, The platform is designed to provide global enterprises to be as agile as a start-up, Allow for complex global processes to be automated and providing enterprise-scale financial controls and capabilities.

  • Global Entity Management
  • Automate Intercompany Processes
  • Automated Elimination & Consolidation
  • Multiple Accounting Books
  • SuiteGL
  • Enhanced Multi-currency
  • Financial Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Deeper Localization
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Reporting & Analytics

Intelligent Order Management

President and COO, Jim McGeever took the stage and told a story about a recent experience he had purchasing Christmas lights. He had ordered the product online and selected for in-store pickup. By the time he had arrived, a shopper had taken the last one off the shelf. Ultimately, Jim was forced to leave with a different product than he purchased and was dissatisfied with the experience.

He says that companies need to take the “Luck” out of their processes. “You shouldn’t have luck be a key strategy for making sure your customers get what they want.” Intelligent Order Management allows for companies to track inventory across multiple locations, reduce shipping costs and improve customer experiences. In the new release, the functionality will enable merchants to automate how to best fulfill orders based on their inventory availability and the configurable business rules they set within NetSuite.

According to NetSuite’s press release, the new intelligent order capabilities facilitate the perfect order with the following functionality:

  • Order Sourcing and allocation
  • Release for fulfillment
  • Exception management
  • Store pickup
  • Ship from store
  • Order management insight and KPIs


A different approach to the keynotes this year led to back to back sessions from NetSuite’s executive team. Here are the links to the keynote replays:

“The Last Computing Architecture” – Executive Keynote Session from NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2016 conference by CEO Zach Nelson and President Jim McGeever

“To Boldly Go…” – Executive keynote session from NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2016 conference by Founder, CTO and Chairman of the Board, Evan Goldberg

NetSuite shook things up on the Wednesday format as well choosing to do industry keynote breakout sessions as opposed to a traditional executive keynote as done in the past. Here are the replay links to these industry keynotes:

Software industry keynote, by Evan Goldberg and Ron Gill

Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution keynote by Jim McGeever and Paul Farrell

Services based industry keynote by Jason Maynard and Gary Wiessinger

Nonprofit industry keynote by Harish Mohan and David Geilhufe

Retail industry keynote by Andy Lloyd and Branden Jenkins

For more information on additional features announced and released at SuiteWorld, visit these links with more information:

One of the highlights of our week is getting the opportunity to meet with our current clients. Each year, RSM holds a reception exclusively for its NetSuite clients. This year we were at Scott’s Seafood and I think I can speak for everyone in saying that the crab cakes were delicious! Thank you again to all our RSM NetSuite clients for attending.


Image: RSM clients and friends attending our annual client reception

This year we were in a 10×20 booth on the expo floor. Unified with our global brand, we had representatives from our joint member firms RSM UK and RSM Brasil in attendance with us. Folks came by our booth and were engaged to learn about our various NetSuite services including:

  • NetSuite optimization services
    • Reports and saved searches
    • Business and system alignment
    • Code upgrades and optimization
    • System documentation
    • Roles and permissions
    • SDN solution evaluation
    • SuiteScript development
    • Integration
    • Training
    • Help desk support
  • RSM’s Advise, Deliver and Maintain approach to technology including a look at additional services RSM provides beyond NetSuite, including:
    • Management Consulting
    • Business applications (ERP, CRM, BI, and ECM)
    • Infrastructure
    • Support with RSM IT-Vision which includes Infrastructure, Applications and Help Desk
    • Finance and Accounting outsourcing
    • Cloud strategy and solutions for IaaS, Paas, SaaS, public, private or hybrid cloud
    • Security, privacy and enterprise risk management
  • We also had the privilege of having folks from RSM’s Sales and Use tax practice who brought a lot of expertise that was valuable for NetSuite users. They came with offerings to help companies using NetSuite automate their Sales and Use Tax processes and started talking with companies about these services that RSM offers:
    • Reverse audits
    • Managed and certified audits
    • Nexus management
    • Use tax compliance
    • Tax automation solutions
    • Sales tax system diagnostics
    • Process reviews
    • Co-sourcing and outsourcing

We were also pleased to have some fun raffle prizes and gave away a lot of RSM pens, PRO V1 golf balls and custom made luggage tags. Congratulations to our three winners of our main prizes:




And who didn’t have a great time at the NSW16 Rock Show with the Royal Machines? No offense to past gigs that NetSuite has brought in for SuiteWorld entertainment, but they sure stepped up their game this year bringing in some legends of rock. We thought it was cool enough with Dave Navarro and Mark McGrath, but bringing out Billy Gibbons, Billy Idol and Ozzy Osbourne was pretty cool.


Well, that’s about a wrap here. Certainly there was a lot happening at the conference and many of you are still trying to digest all of the announcements and meetings that you had at the conference and figure out the best path forward for your organization. As NetSuite’s top partner, RSM can help guide you through this process. Having expertise in all areas of NetSuite, we’ve been there before and can help you navigate the landscape to ensure your success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals to discuss your options. You can email us at or reach us by phone at 855.437.7202     .

By: Brent Knowles – National NetSuite Solution Provider


Bonus: I thought I might share some of my photos from the conference. I hope you enjoy:


Cannonball?!? – View from my room at the Fairmont


Getting the booth setup for the show.


Did you get a sleeve of golf balls?


New graphics from our name change from McGladrey to RSM. Did you know that we had representation from RSM US, RSM UK and RSM Brasil at SuiteWorld this year?


Packed room for the partner kickoff on Monday, May 16th


Evan Goldberg going through a history of the last 18 years being on the cutting edge


Congrats to RSM UK for winning the Regional Alliance partner of the Year – International award


RSM US announced as Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year 2016


Folks gathered at the RSM booth during the opening reception for SuiteWorld on Monday, May 16th


Behind the scenes with Steve Ems of RSM. Steve was asked to do a video on winning the Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the year award.


Behind the scenes with RSM UK’s Roger Lovis. Roger was asked to be in a video highlighting their International Regional Alliance partner of the year award.


Zach Nelson taking the stage for his executive keynote, “The Last Computing Architecture”


Over 30,000 companies, subs and organizations running on NetSuite


NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP


It’s not SuiteWorld unless Zach makes a comment about SAP.


Can NetSuite scale? This slide should answer that question.


Zach Nelson welcomes Hyperloop to the SuiteWorld stage


Zach Nelson welcomes DAQRI to the SuiteWorld stage


Checking to make sure the ventilation system is working in the convention center


Zach Nelson welcomes SnapChat to the SuiteWorld stage


Jim McGeever introduces Intelligent Order Management


Jim McGeever welcomes MACLAREN to the SuiteWorld stage


Jim McGeever welcomes aspect to the SuiteWorld stage


The breadth of NetSuite OneWorld Global Financials


Jim McGeever announces OneWorld 16


Jim McGeever welcoms Ricardo Perez S. A. to the SuiteWorld stage


Evan Goldberg takes the stage at SuiteWorld 2016


Evan Goldberg welcomes Mark Walker of FLODocs to the SuiteWorld stage


Evan Goldberg talks about what his team has done to improve system performance


Evan Goldberg talks about SuitePayments API


Evan Goldberg talks about SuiteScript 2.0


Zach Nelson fields a question from the stage at the press luncheon after the Tuesday keynotes


RSM clients enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres at Scott’s Seafood


More fun at the RSM client reception


Are you going to “Make BOLD happen” when you get back from SuiteWorld?


Hopefully you had a chance to stop by our booth at SuiteWorld. See you next year!

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