Overview of Instant Configurability of NetSuite (aka SuiteBuilder)

By - May 14, 2013

The instant configuration Netsuite gives is an advantage in the ERP and CRM market. Netsuite offers the point-and-click functionality through their SuiteBuilder customization tool. This point-and-click functionality offers administrative users the ability to customize the Netsuite application without having to any do custom development work, which makes it easy for the most non-technical user implement. The SuiteBuilder tool has multiple features that help companies accommodate their unique needs by being able to instantly customize their NetSuite application. Some of the most commonly used point- and- click features are custom fields, custom forms and custom records.

Custom fields can be added to any form or transaction within the Netsuite application. The custom fields have a wide variation of types which should be able to facilitate any number of client specific requests (free form text, URL links, check box, multiple select list, etc). NetSuite makes it easy to add these new fields by giving the user multiple entry points to create custom fields (on the record, on the form or from the setup tab). Once added, the field becomes immediately available on the form, existing data and most importantly, within reports.

Customizing forms allows companies to modify the standard NetSuite forms to support their business processes. Custom forms are created as “clones” of standard forms. With these customization, companies can add additional fields or remove fields that are not applicable to their business processes. These forms can also be restricted based on user role to accommodate specific job functions in the NetSuite application.

Custom records allow companies to create full records to help with their business processes, which can be used for various applications (i.e. new stand alone record or a new record that is associated to an existing NetSuite record). Online forms can also be created with custom records. These online forms allow companies to give access to users outside of the NetSuite user group (i.e. potential customers) to create records within NetSuite.

As you can see from the overview of these few features, the easy and flexible options to customize NetSuite make it a sustainable product that can grow and change along with the needs of your business. The SuiteBuilder tool is a great option for those companies looking to make minor changes.  However, RSM also offers a full range of services to further configure NetSuite.  Contact our professionals for more information at erp@mcgladrey.com or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Erika Foss – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider


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