Publishing custom Saved Searches to the Customer Center in NetSuite

By - November 10, 2015

Most people love the word “free,” but things that you get for free often don’t provide a whole lot of value.  The NetSuite Customer Center role dashboard is one of the big exceptions to this rule.  It allows companies running NetSuite to provide many valuable self-service options to their customers, such as viewing past orders, making a payment, and entering in a support case, to name a few.

In addition to many standard functions of the Customer Center dashboard, it can also be configured to include links to custom saved search results.  Below are instructions on how to create a custom saved search and “publish” it to the Customer Center.  In this example we will assume the company running NetSuite is a distributor and they would like their customers to have visibility to product availability, images, and user guides, at no additional cost to them or their customers.

Step 1

Create a saved search that you want to publish to the Customer Center role dashboard.

NOTE:  If you are publishing a transaction saved search then you will want to create a search criteria line using “Name” is any of “- Mine -” so that only transaction information for the customer logged in shows up.

Step 2

Enable the feature to support a simple Web Site.


Step 3

Create a new Web Site Presentation Tab to publish your custom saved search link,  assign to the Web Site you created in step 2, and define the audience to be any Customer Center role.



Step 4

Publish your saved search to the new presentation tab you created and again define the audience accordingly.

PublishSavedSearch SavedSearchAudience

Now that you’ve completed the publishing of your saved search, the next time the customer logs into their Customer Center role they will have a presentation tab and a link to this saved search.

ProductInformationTab ItemAvailabilityforPortal

They can now access this link and get real-time visibility to product availability as well as access helpful item-specific documents such as a user manual, in this example.  This type of customer self-service can greatly increase customer satisfaction and result in increased revenue at no added cost.


If you have any NetSuite customization or consulting needs, including the publishing of saved searches as shown above, the NetSuite professionals at RSM can help.  We are a NetSuite Solution Provider and a NetSuite Systems Integrator partner, and have more than 30 years experience implementing ERP solutions.  We’ll provide you with industry insight, project management and the technical resources you need to make your project a success. Contact RSM at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Gary Leitner – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider

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