Management Reporter: Reports are not updating with the correct amounts, or at all

By - April 24, 2019

You are running your financial reports in Management Reporter Report Designer but the reports are not updating with the amounts from Dynamics GP. You will need to have your IT or an administrator for your SQL Server help you out to get Management Reporter to refresh.

Please do the following for your Management Reporter issue:

  1. On the SQL Server, under Services – Stop and Start the two Management Reporter Services

-Are your reports correct?  If no, proceed to Step 2.

Once the Services window open, find the two services for Management Reporter, right click and choose Stop.  Once the Services have been stopped, right-click and choose start.

  1. On the SQL Server, open the Configuration Console and click on Refresh Companies, look along the Taskbar on the left-hand side, are there any errors? Are your reports correct?  If no, continue to Step 3.

3. Our final step is to recreate the DataMart. This step will be explained in detail in my next blog post             entitled, “ Recreating the Management Reporter DataMart.”

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By Kelly Gray

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