Actionable Member and Grants Insights Day 1

By - March 9, 2023

As a not-for-profit organization, using data as an asset functionally is imperative for understanding the business and the metrics surrounding it. To do this successfully, utilizing reporting tools to visualize business data is a dependable choice. Unfortunately, while many reporting technologies exist, few highlight the critical metrics for not-for-profit decision-making.

RSM has built-in Microsoft Dynamics 365 domains to leverage in reports that favor important membership and grants management data points for not-for-profit organizations. Three reports were created on Power BI within these domains, allowing data to be refreshed consistently so updated data points are prevalent. There are also complete filtering and drill-down capabilities within all the reports.

A closer look at membership & involvement:

Member Cast is an RSM built-in member portal within D365 with back-office integration capabilities. It can track individual and corporate member data regarding key metrics, member activity, and event attendance. In addition, it provides robust capabilities for storing and reporting data.

For not-for-profit organizations, membership insights are crucial to the business’s success. Through Member Cast, the membership dashboard represents and visualizes these key pieces of information so organizations can utilize data to improve the member experience by tracking involvement, financials, and relationships. Additionally, this domain allows organizations to understand and deliver what members and constituents want through technology.








Event data is also a crucial aspect for the success of an organization to enable the tracking of event registration, attendees, and accumulated revenue. For many nonprofits, events provide transparency about their mission and goals. By leveraging data from these events, organizations can better understand how they’re tracking toward their mission and goals.









Finding more efficient ways to track your grants:

Grant tracking is an excellent way for nonprofits to manage their accounting operations and grant programs. Because this reporting process is adapted explicitly for not-for-profit organizations, it creates highly specialized values within the data, allowing the grant process to be flexible. For example, power BI can represent the organization’s investments and grants, funding, and allocations by various categories.

























RSM constructed processes structured toward not-for-profit organizations, favoring metrics that apply to business understanding and success. This is just the first step in gaining actionable insights into your data. Each report in the nonprofit accelerator can be customized to better fit your organization and needs.

Please contact the RSM Dynamics or BI team if you have further questions or seek additional guidance.

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