How RSM subscriptions and clubs can improve top line revenue growth for your retail business

By - September 22, 2021

Merchants spend significant time and resources building out features for their direct to consumer retail channels, particularly club and subscription ordering schedules. The RSM subscriptions and clubs suite allows businesses using the Dynamics 365 Commerce application to employ powerful features across all retail channels to support club and subscription sales without the need for additional setup and software.

Employing the RSM subscriptions and clubs suite in your organization can lead to increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and sales revenue. This IP suite created by RSM simplifies club and subscription order management tasks, allows customized or pre-defined product assortments, and offers exclusive membership benefits for existing members and prospective members alike.

Streamline club membership and order management responsibilities for your staff

RSM subscriptions and clubs lets companies seamlessly manage all aspects of their club and subscription ordering programs across all their direct to consumer retail channels within one single application. This IP suite allows organizations to spend far less time and effort building out club specific order creation and fulfillment processes while customers and employees take advantage of additional management features including the ability to:

  • Automate club run execution, subscription order handling, and fulfillment processing
  • Plan and setup club calendars in advance while also maintaining flexibility to change shipments quickly on the fly
  • Easily change customer order options such as shipping method, pickup location, or product mix – before or after a club order has been processed
  • Configure and send unique email notifications and marketing content per club and/or club tier

Empower your members to customize product and shipping options tailored to their needs

RSM subscriptions and clubs permits merchants to provide more flexible product and delivery options to their valued club and subscription customers with little to no setup required.

  • Allow your customers to receive pre-set club selections or customize their own unique product mix per shipment.
  • Members can easily select their own shipping preferences and schedule when they would like their orders to arrive online, in-store, or over the phone.
  • Members can select to receive supplementary product “add-ons” in addition to their scheduled club or subscription orders.

Build brand loyalty by offering new and existing club members exclusive benefits and options

Using this IP suite enables potential and existing club members to sign up for new memberships or membership tiers easily in-store, online, or over the phone; membership experiences in the sales channels can be customized for each club or club member. Some other membership features of this IP suite include:

  • The ability for customers to “Gift” Memberships to other customers
  • Customers being able to maintain multiple club memberships simultaneously and review their membership history, status, and planned shipments in-store, online, or over the phone.
  • Organizations being able to offer benefits to select members including exclusive products, promotions, and shipping options not available to the general public or even other members.

The RSM subscriptions and clubs IP suite is available for any company using the Dynamics 365 Commerce application and can be deployed across a myriad of companies and industries to help improve top line revenue growth. For more information on this IP suite, contact RSM to get started.

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