How to use the five new features in SharePoint 2016

By - April 21, 2017

We all resist change one way or another but recently, I’ve been working with SharePoint 2016 and clients seem very happy with the changes Microsoft has rolled out in SharePoint Online.

Some of the new features that SharePoint 2016 has to offer that have been fan (clients) favorites include:

1.) Introducing the new ‘move to’ button

Moving items just got a whole lot easier. In SharePoint 2010 the ‘move button’ was there but when SharePoint 2013 came along that feature was no longer available. The ‘move to’ button finally made it’s debut comeback in SharePoint 2016! This allows users to move items seamlessly and painlessly by selecting the file(s) and then with a click of the ‘move to’ button, move it inside the folder(s).

The following is a screen shot of what the screen would appear if users click on multiple files to move from the library to inside a folder in the library.

2.) How to “bulk” download

In the document library, files can be downloaded/exported in bulk now without having to use Internet explorer and then clicking on the File Explorer view. Instead of all that hassle and fuss, users can simply click on all the items they wish to download and finally be able to download altogether.

Advanced steps:

  1. Go to the document library
  2. Select the files that needs to be downloaded
  3. In the ribbon click the ‘Download’ button
  4. Bulk documents are in a compressed zip folder

Step by step below:

3. Pinning documents

Microsoft has incorporated a feature where users can pin any document(s) they deem as a ‘favorite’ to the top of the list/library no matter how you filter, sort, or name the file. This new feature allows users to keep the most relevant or important files at the top of the list. An example of how a library would look like if user(s) pinned a couple of documents to access it easier.

 4. Tile view

This is similar to pinning but instead of one or two documents at the top Microsoft decided to make things even easier for those who are more visual and came out with the tile view. SharePoint came out with a new view in it’s libraries that allows all documents to be seen a tiles. The documents comes up like it does in Delve with the type of document at the top and the name of the document running across the tile. This allows users to easily search for their file by arranging them by columns.

 5. Introducing FLOW

With the new integration of Flow – creating workflows in SharePoint has never seemed so easy. When creating this product, Microsoft had end user in the back of their minds. This is geared for those who are less technical.  Use Flow to help automate your tasks, add items to the calendar or send an email alert to users once items are added to that list.

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