Network Detective Pro and Cloudockit – For Better Understanding and Protecting Your Cloud Environment

By - December 19, 2022

As companies move further and further into the world of online work environments, one of the most dynamic solutions to storing said environments is the cloud. The cloud itself is a digital space stored and operated on protected Internet servers, making data residency and storage easier than ever.

However, there are always dangerous actors hoping to breach these environments in order to gain access to sensitive data and cause untold harm to the company.

In order to combat these dangers, Microsoft offers some of the most complete and secure cloud programs available to businesses. Microsoft employs its Azure cloud platform, which is designed to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with a multitude of tools and frameworks to choose from.

With this focus on data residency and storage, ensuring that your data is protected is more important than ever. And while Microsoft offers a host of its own protective services, there are some additional services that offer even more protection for your tenant.

Network Detective Pro and Cloudockit can help:
While Microsoft Azure and similar plans offer layers of protective shielding from attacks, this does not always eliminate all vulnerable spots in a tenant’s environment. Both Network Detective Pro and Cloudockit are services which provide you with the ability to map out your company’s digital environment, detect security risks, provide a security level score, and more.

More about Network Detective Pro:

  • Collects detailed information on every asset, including those not physically connected to the network.
  • Identifies all risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities, and user threats.
  • Supports all environments, from on-prem, to remote, to cloud, to work-from-home.
  • Relies on non-intrusive data scanners that quickly pull in and encrypt a massive amount of network, cloud, asset, and user data. The data is then automatically analyzed, filtered and can be presented in nearly 100 different reports.
  • Non-intrusive data scanners can be run right off of a memory stick as an executable file, making the process quick and easy to start. The resulting encrypted scan file can then be saved back to the same memory stick and imported directly into the Network Detective Pro application to handle the analysis and generate reports.
  • For more information, please visit: Network Assessment – Network Detective Pro | RapidFire Tools

More about Cloudockit:

  • Produces editable architecture diagrams by selecting the level of details you wish to see in your diagrams.
  • Creates a complete Word, PDF, Excel, or HTML document and continuously receives up-to-date and accurate information in automatically-generated technical documents.
  • Provides a better understanding of what is deployed in your cloud environment and helps to easily find misconfigurations and potential security threats.
  • Creates an automated view of your current cloud architecture with fully editable Visio,, or Lucidchart diagrams. The software lets you specify how your cloud components are laid out and will automatically refresh the information without changing your diagram layouts.
  • Automatically scans your cloud and on-premises infrastructures to obtain a full overview of your applications, resources, and the IT documentation related to them.
  • For more information, please visit: Cloudockit – Generate your cloud documentation

Overall, both Network Detective Pro and Cloudockit are great tools that will help you secure your cloud environment. Threat scans, environment mapping, and more all work together in order to provide the best visualization possible of your environment, so that you can make the best possible decisions to further organize and secure it. Coupled with added services for your own clients, Network Detective Pro and Cloudockit are an asset worth adding to your arsenal.

Not sure if Network Detective Pro and Cloudockit are the answer?

RSM’s recommendation:

  • Network Detective Pro & Cloudockit are both premium add-ons for your security plan.
  • They are best used by a client with an IT department that can take action based on security scans & tenant mapping provided by these services.

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