3 reasons to replace Dynamics GP now

By - March 1, 2023

We know that Dynamics GP will be supported by Microsoft through at least 2028, but many GP customers will start looking at a new ERP solution before then. In many instances this will be triggered by shifts in the business operations of a customer which might require new or enhanced features. In this article we’ll highlight three reasons why now might be the time to replace Dynamics GP.

Dynamics GP Email is Broken

Technically, Dynamics GP email works. But only if you’re on the absolute latest version. That means you must upgrade Dynamics GP at least once per year to ensure it continues to work. GP upgrades are costly and require downtime to complete.

Even if you’re on the latest version of Dynamics GP, email is still problematic. Email in Dynamics GP works differently for its workflow functionality than it does for emailing Purchase and Sales documents which further adds to confusion when trying to troubleshoot problems

Microsoft is not adding any substantial new features to Dynamics GP

While Microsoft is committed to supporting GP for the foreseeable future, the level of support is limited to maintaining compatibility with the latest version of Windows, SQL, and Office 365. Microsoft is not building any substantial new functionality into the product. Each new release of Dynamics GP comes with a modest list of new features based on user requests in Dynamics Communities. But don’t expect anything innovative like integration with Active Directory, Office 365, or AP Automation.

Dynamics GP requires costly servers to run

Even if you host Dynamics GP in a cloud server environment like Azure or AWS, those servers are expensive. An average GP client will have to pay at least $2,500 per month to host a SQL Server and Remote Desktop Server running Dynamics GP for a 10-user GP system.

Compare that to a cloud accounting system that costs around $80 per month per user with no servers required. Cloud accounting for those same 10 users will be $800 per month, so that represents a significant cost savings to your organization.


RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics GP team is committed to continuing to provide the world class support for Dynamics GP that you are used to for years to come.  Our team of over 30 Dynamics GP consultants can help you optimize and extend the life of your GP system.  If you are on an older version, we encourage you to assess the benefits of upgrading and moving your solution into a version of GP supported by Microsoft’s Modern Lifecyle.

We also recognize the benefits a Cloud ERP system.  RSM is uniquely qualified to help you on your cloud journey.  In many instances, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central product is a natural choice for Dynamics GP customers. RSM has even built migration paths to bring historical information into Business Central which is a unique offering that other BC partners aren’t able to provide.  Take a look at our Microsoft AppSource offerings below or reach out directly to RSM at 800.274.3978 or submit an inquiry on our website.

View our Microsoft AppSource offerings:

Dynamics GP migration assessment: 3-day assessment

Migrate Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central: 6-week implementation

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