Activating a Hardware Station in Dynamics 365 for Operations

By - February 25, 2017

Last week, I was tasked with activating a hardware station in Dynamics 365 for Operations. Easy, right? Dynamics 365 for Operations generally simplifies a lot of processes that were more complicated in previous versions of AX, but I ran into a lot of problems when trying to install the hardware station and Modern POS. Why is this? Well, there are quite a few prerequisites that need to be met to install both the Modern POS and the retail Hardware Station.

Installing Modern POS

It is important to note that you can only install Modern POS on Windows 10 (I learned this the hard way).

  1. Open Retail and commerce > Channel setup > POS Setup > Devices.
  2. Select the Register.
  3. In the Action pane, on the DOWNLOAD tab, select the configuration file and save it.
  4. To start the download of the MPOS application, click Retail Modern POS.retail-modern-pos
  5. The application will download to the machine.


Common error: You may have an external identity error while trying to download the MPOS app. If you get this error, use the following steps for a quick work around:

  1. Open Retail and commerce > Employees > Workers.
  2. Navigate to the worker you are using to login to the POS.
  3. Click the retail tab on the Action pane and then click Clear existing identity.
  4. Select the associate external identity.
  5. In the Search criteria, select Search using email.
  6. Enter the email address associated with your Dynamics 365 for Operations account.
  7. Select the identity and click OK.
  8. Run the respective Distribution schedule to push updates in Retail IT.

I have seen this error almost every single time I am in a different environment, and this workaround has been the best way to resolve the issue. One you fix the external identity, you should be able to install MPOS.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog, where I will finish up with steps for activating a hardware station! Want to learn more? Visit for eLearning courses and information about our hosted training classes in Denver! Or Contact our Microsoft Dynamics experts at RSM (855) 437-7201

by Meghan McMullen for RSM




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