What’s planned for Business Central in the 2021 Wave 1 Release?

By - April 28, 2021

I am so excited for the next wave release. I think you will agree that these are fantastic updates to Business Central. These are just a few of the many exciting changes that are planned for the 2021 Wave 1 release expected to be released starting on or around May 10th. These include some changes/updates to the bank reconciliation, dimensions, lot and serial number information cards, lot size, bin codes on jobs, additional inventory adjustment capabilities, and the ability to monitor inventory/transaction flow with Availability by Lot. There are also some updates to the Business Central app for Teams.

Here is a brief recap of these changes. See the link at the end of the blog for download of the PDF.

Bank Reconciliation – You will be able to cancel a posted bank reconciliation that was posted with mistakes and then create a new bank reconciliation with the correct information. This “undo” functionality will only be available on the standard Bank Reconciliation and not on the US Bank Reconciliation Worksheet. This is a great feature if you inadvertently reconciled a statement but discovered later that there was a mistake. You will now have the capability to “undo” the reconciliation if you use the standard Bank Reconciliation. This is the reconciliation where you can import the bank statement. The page displays with the bank statement information on the left and the bank ledger entries on the right. You will not have this feature if you use the US Bank Reconciliation where you simply check the boxes against the transactions that have cleared.

There is also a change in the ability to import bank statements more easily. Microsoft is simplifying the process so that a regular flat file and comma- or semicolon-separated transactions formats can be mapped to the fields in Business Central. This will include comma separated value or csv files and text or txt files. So, if you were unable to link your bank account, or chose not to, you will have a simplified means of being ablet to map the downloaded bank file to the applicable fields in Business Central.

Dimension – If you have posted a general ledger entry with incorrect dimension values, you will be able to correct the dimensions, add dimensions or remove dimensions from the entry. Administrators will be able to lock the corrections, identify if the corrections can only be done during open accounting periods, and view the change log so the change can be revered back to its original entry. This is a fantastic new feature in that you won’t necessarily need to create a reversal and repost the transactions when you have incorrect dimension information.

It is also planned to have the ability to create a predefined lists of dimension values that are allowed for master data, documents, or transactions that are posted in Business Central. This means that you will have the ability to define which values can be used on customers, vendors, G/L accounts, items, etc. wherever you have the default dimensions identified. So, if you have the value posting set to mandatory, you will be able to set the predefined list so that users can only choose those that are in the list. For example, you have a G/L account that you only use for two of your ten departments. You will be able to set the code to mandatory, but also specify the two departments so that users are not selecting the other eight departments. This will give you greater control as to which dimensions are allowed a reduce the number of incorrect entries.

Lot Number and Serial Number Information Cards – You will be able to capture additional information about lot numbers and serial numbers on the information cards. For example, you may want to capture information about the lot’s quality. You will be able to use the information card to capture this type of information.

Lot Sizes – Changes are being made so that you can use the sizes when calculating duration time for production orders. You will be able to set lot sizes on routing version, planning worksheet and various production orders directly.

Bin Codes on Jobs – As you produce a job journal line or a job planning line that contains an item number and location, you will have the ability to choose a different bin than the default bin that is automatically suggested.

Inventory Adjustments – There will be two new documents that you can use to adjust inventory. These are Inventory Receipt and Inventory Shipment documents. The receipt will increase inventory and the shipment will decrease inventory.

Availability by Lot – There is improved capabilities for item tracking with a new list of lots with on-hand quantities, plus expected incoming/outgoing transactions. You will be able to view the quantities by opening the Availability by Lot page from the item cards or list.

Microsoft Teams –A messaging extension has been included to allow you to look up contract records (including prospects, vendors, customers, or other business relationships) in the Business Central database from Microsoft Teams search/command box. From Microsoft Teams, you will have the ability to look up contacts, share a contact as a card, view contact information and historical interactions.

These are just a few of the many changes planned. You can see a complete list of changes planned for wave 1 and download the PDF at: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2021wave1/ The Business Central changes begin on page 295 of the PDF.

I hope you are as excited as I am about these updates. Keep an eye out for additional information on the 2021 wave 1 updates in my upcoming blogs.

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