Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations: Financial Reports (formerly Management Reporter)

By - March 14, 2017

First thing is to get used to the new name: Financial Reports. Management Reporter was renamed Financial Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and can now be accessed from Dynamics 365 for Operations client portal.

Users can now navigate to General Ledger > Inquiries and reports > Financial reports. Once they click “Financial reports” they will see a listing of all default reports. There are a total of 22 predefined reports available out of the box.


All of these row definitions of the reports are preconfigured  using “Main Account Category.”


Appropriate privileges and duties need to be assigned to users through their security roles. They can then generate reports bases on their security access. To be able to edit and create new reports, a designer role will be needed. A designer role will allow you to create, edit, generate and view a report.

To create and generate the predefined financial reports for a legal entity, the following information must exist or be set up for that legal entity:

  • Fiscal calendar
  • Ledger
  • Chart of accounts
  • Currency

To run any of the reports,  click the Report link. The system will process the data and will generate the requested report. Any of these reports can be saved as a new report so that users can modify and add their own requirements to these reports. Simply save the report as a new report and all the rows and columns will be attached.

Let’s run a sample report and export this to excel to see the results. I am going to run the default report “12 Months Rolling Single Column Income Statement – Default” report. I have selected “Financial, Account & Transaction level detail on this report.


Once the report is Generated, you can export the report to excel.


Once you Open or Save this file in Excel, you will see that it creates three tabs for you. One for Financial, One for Account and one for Transaction level details.


As you can see, Financial Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is a powerful financial reporting tool that provides flexible reporting.

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by Sunit Parikh for RSM

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