Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations New Hire Class of 2019

By - September 27, 2019

This summer, RSM is hosting its biggest Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations training class of almost 60 people. Over a total of 8 weeks, we have had the advantage of developing a strong network that spans across regional boundaries. RSM has put together a training academy that will set us up for success for our first client project by exposing us to many aspects of RSM through case studies, guest speakers, and a variety of classes.

At first, Microsoft D365 seemed like the hardest part of the job. However, as the weeks pass by, we gain more and more familiarity of the system and realize the importance of soft skills and getting along with the client. Although it’s still difficult, we realize that there are resources and people here at RSM to support us.

Along with being the biggest Finance and Operations class RSM has hosted so far, we were also sent to a two week-long conference called SYCARC for the first time. There, we were tasked with creating a business/technology solution for a theoretical client, which mimicked real world situations: mock interviews, hallway conversations, last minute requests, and collaborating with other peers. In all, we dived deeper into the consulting industry and gained insight from industry professionals spanning across different industries.

While in Denver, we participate in a multitude of activities, ranging from case studies to team building and networking. Each case study has played a pivotal role in our education by aiding development in public speaking and presentation techniques. The studies along with team building exercises have allowed us to work on networking and learning each other’s strengths. As training comes to an end, there is much to be expected from us.

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