Embedding PowerView Dashboards into Role Centers

By - January 29, 2013


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PowerView is great for creating quick ad-hoc reports, but up until now I have not been able to use any of the reports that is created within the Role Centers like those that are generated in PerformancePoint charts. After browsing “Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012,” I found a small section of information that shows how to do just that.

So in this quick walkthrough we will show how easy it is to publish your PowerView dashboards to the role centers so that everybody is able to experience them.

Step 1: Create Your Dashboard

Start off with the dashboard that was generated within PowerView.

Tip: Although you can have multiple panels on your dashboard, you may want to separate them into separate views so they won’t look too small on the Role Center page.

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Step 2: Create a Role Center Friendly Version

PowerView has the following optional URL parameters:

Defines whather the report is displayed in presentation mode or edit mode.

Defines how the contents of the report fit into the windows you have chosen.

Defines whether the preview bar (including the Full Screen and Edit buttons) is displayed on the screen.

Defines whether the user can edit the report within the body.

Defines the background color if the report does not fit into the window.

So if you add the following (to the end of the viewer URL):


you will see a standalone dashboard, which will work better for this project.


Embedding PowerView Dashboards into Role Centers-pic3


Step 3: Add Your Dashboard to the Role Center

Now that we have a weblet that can be used as a chart on the role center, we just need to add it. So we will now go into personalization mode…

Embedding PowerView Dashboards into Role Centers-pic4


And then add a web part to the page. In this case, we will add a Page Viewer Web Part.

Embedding PowerView Dashboards into Role Centers-pic5

All we need to do is copy the URL from our simplified dashboard, give the webpart a more appropriate name, and maybe make the web part a little taller.


Embedding PowerView Dashboards into Role Centers-pic6


Now we have an interactive PowerView dashboard on the Role Center.

Embedding PowerView Dashboards into Role Centers-pic7

How cool is that.



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