Upgrade Strategies | Financial Data Reporting

By - November 13, 2012

Often times a company’s incentive to upgrade their Dynamics AX installation comes with a need to reorganize their organizational structure. They simply operate their business differently than they did 10, 5 or even 3 years ago. This can be from growth, acquisition or targeting different market segments. Financially, the company would like to report in a different structure than in their current Dynamics AX installation. While going through an upgrade, companies specifically need to ask if they desire to financial reports differently, and if so, how they are going to transition from legacy financial reporting to the company’s newly established financial data reporting?

Once a company decides to utilize a new financial reporting structure, plans need to be put in place to make this happen through the upgrade.  Standard Dynamics AX 2012 upgrade tools do not provide the capability to change the financial transaction history into the new financial structure for consistent reporting.  Custom upgrade enhancements must be developed to map historical financial data into the new financial reporting structure, if retaining all historical detail reporting is desired.  A skilled Dynamics AX implementer will be able to walk customers through the options of changing their financial reporting package while upgrading to Dynamics AX 2012.

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