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By - December 16, 2016

In my last blog, I talked about the changes to Management Reporter 2012 for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Operations. Since that blog there has been a major change. Management Reporter 2012 is now Financial Report Designer!

In this post, I will give you an overview of Financial Report Designer. Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Operations refer to Financial Report Designer as Financial Reports in the module menus. We will look at the financial reports, components, philosophy, and advantages of Financial Report Designer.

Financial Reports

Out of the box, there are over 20 default financial reports.  Each report uses the default main account categories. There are standard Income Statement and Balance Sheet reports, and a variety of other reports, including Statement of Cash Flows, and GL Detail. These can be used as they are, or used as starting points to be edited to fit your company’s needs.



Financial Report Designer has four components used to produce reports. By adding these dimensions, together you can create custom reports for your organization. You can control the data used and the presentation of that data.



The design philosophy behind Financial Report Designer is to break information down to the smallest component or building block, and then mix and match components as needed. You can combine text, amounts, and calculations to produce reports. The report format remains separate from the financial data, so running Financial Report Designer reports does not change or affect the data in Dynamics.



Report design in Financial Report Designer offers customized financial reporting. You are able to extend the value of your financial data by presenting data in various formats. With Financial Report Designer, the reporting process is simplified. Once the report has been designed and tested, you can define a report group and a schedule to produce financial statements. Since Financial Report Designer supports exporting, reports can be exported to Excel if desired.

After hearing about Financial Report Designer financial reports, components, philosophy, and advantages, I hope you are encouraged to find out more about this powerful reporting tool. If you would like to learn more about Financial Report Designer or any of the other Dynamics modules, check it out at RSM Technology Academy or Contact one of your Dynamics experts,855-437-7201.

by Bo Powe for RSM



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