Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT)

By - May 16, 2017

As compute power continues to grow at an exponential rate, companies are constantly looking for new ways to harness and leverage untapped data at their disposal. Microsoft Azure IoT allows companies to leverage sensors, actuators, and “smart devices” to create data from millions of connected assets. These networks of connected assets allow companies to automate monitoring on a scale never before possible, and use the resulting data to further improve their operations. Microsoft Azure IoT is part of a larger initiative to bring affordable, end to end, IoT and analytics solutions to the small and mid-sized business market.

How it works

Imagine your company owns a fleet of vehicles that are being frequently driven (ex. delivery fleet, rental fleet, corporate fleet, etc.). Azure IoT can leverage the data produced by sensors on every vehicle to monitor the fleet in real time and predict future maintenance, depreciation, and accidents. This can help avoid downtime, reduce maintenance costs, better price services, and identify equipment misuse.

Fixed assets are often one of a companies’ most important investments, and asset downtime is typically extremely costly. Azure IoT gives businesses the insight and foresight they need to improve their operations and increase their return on investment.

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