Part 3: Three compelling reasons to consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

By - February 13, 2019

If your current ERP is several versions behind and you don’t want to go through the painstaking processes of upgrading your system, this is another reason why you should consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

We recently introduced part one and two of a three-part blog series, to share three reasons you should consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central; the user interface, the Microsoft technology stack and no more upgrades. By implementing Business Central, you will not have to go through the rigorous process of upgrades.

Part 3: No more upgrades

With Business Central, Microsoft has blocked partners from modifying the core system. If you need customizations then you can either download apps from the Microsoft AppSource or create specific code extensions that can easily be uploaded to create your custom solutions.  This concept of extensions is immensely powerful. Microsoft has been chasing the goal of taking away upgrades so you don’t have to go through a formal object upgrade of your system for over 15 years. Upgrades require a lot of resources and can be a significant amount of work. With Business Central the upgrades are incredibly fluid.

When Microsoft issues an upgrade, it will update all of the tenants automatically. For example, Microsoft introduced an update in October 2018 and we noticed the following new functionality:

  1. Fact boxes are back on the customer, vendor, item cards
  2. The light bulb was switched from the magnifying glass for searching
  3. Flow filters were included

However, all of the features that we had before the update were unaffected. If you have certain modifications that will not comply with the update, than you will receive an email that can be used to correct your modification before the Microsoft update is applied. Any modification to the system requires that your Microsoft partner, developer or ISV build an extension around a modification. You can no longer go straight into the system and modify the core code. When you do an upgrade, apps and code extensions are automatically unapplied, the base system is upgraded in minutes, and then current versions of the apps or code extensions are re-applied to the core system.

You no longer have to worry about upgrades. You can have a custom system and the latest functionality of the product.

Want to learn more? Visit our Business Central page on the website to learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central services. You can also email us at with any questions or to set up a demo.

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