Sales Order Template Generation

By - November 22, 2012

Easy to setup, administer, and control the specific templates that allow for improved order entry

The Sales Order Template Generation functionality takes into account customer order history and automatically creates the template based upon the input specifications. These templates can be adjusted after they are generated or additional templates can be generated for the same customer based upon user defined criteria and order patterns.

The feature expands on the order template processing which allows for quick and easy reordering for customers. The newly created template improves sales order entry efficiency by providing prepopulated line information that can be easily altered to fit the current customer need.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhancing the sales order template functionality by leveraging auto creation that takes into consideration past order patterns for the specific customer.
  • Ability to create a template by averaging previous orders or by summing the orders together based upon user preference.
  • Making the basic order entry process easy to maintain, as the customer templates are easily accessible and can be altered according to the specific customer’s needs.
  • Flexibility for allowing or not allowing the template creation for customers.


Example of the sales order template setup on a specific customer within Dynamics AX 2012.


From here the user can specify the criteria to which the template will be created.

Example of the new Sales order template after auto creation.  The user can easily use this as the starting point to generate a re-occuring order for the customer.


On the customer account, the sales order template is now identifiable to the user.




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