What to Expect When Moving Ground to Cloud – GP/NAV to D365 Business Central

By - May 24, 2022

Is it time for you to move to the cloud? In this webcast, we talk through key decision points and design considerations as well as the possible routes for a move. While our conversation focuses on Microsoft solutions moving to cloud, many of the topics will cover a broader spectrum of solutions and key decision-making criteria. Learn more here – https://rsm.us/3MI0JSz

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what to look for in your current ERP solution set in preparation for a cloud implementation 
  • Learn options for how to move your Microsoft environment to the cloud 
  • Review pitfalls and key decision factors during a cloud migration 
  • Review high level options for tying on-prem components to your cloud ecosystem 

Video Outline:

Approximate start time  Topic 
2:15  RSM Dynamics 365 practice overview / Microsoft solutions 
7:35  Why go to the cloud? 
13:58  Cloud migration considerations 
21:06  Options for transitioning 
25:56  Client example 
31:48  What’s next? 

Please reach out to D365Inudstrials@rsmus.com for inquiries.


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