Advanced AMS for Oracle NetSuite: RSMs New NetSuite Association Management Solution

By - May 11, 2020

Associations are a vital part of the world’s business landscape. They represent organizations and individuals, professionals, and communities. They have the same operational business needs as most organizations, which is why NetSuite is a valuable tool many associations use to manage their finances.

While working with association clients it has become clear that there is a portion of the association’s business that is being handled outside of NetSuite, leading to separate data sources. As a NetSuite Partner of the Year, RSM is dedicated to making sure that each NetSuite client has a system that addresses its business needs. So with the input of industry experts and associations, RSM developed an AMS for NetSuite.

AMS stands for Association Management Software and is used by associations to manage their memberships, events, committees, orders, and AR. Building this solution for NetSuite was a perfect fit as it capitalizes on the already strong functionality available. Having an ERP and AMS as one system becomes a game-changer for associations. It allows them to have one single data source that captures all pieces of the business and helps to give a 360-degree view of members and the organization.

The functionality that this association management solution brings to a NetSuite Deployment includes:

Membership: Streamline the ability to attract, sell, and renew individual memberships, including online account management for members and ease of use for membership care teams. Flexible to accommodate various dues pricing structures and lengths. Easily amortize dues using NetSuite’s revenue recognition capabilities.

Affiliate/Chapter Management: Track each member’s affiliation with local chapters, also allowing them to select a primary chapter associated with their account.  Setup affiliates/chapters in NetSuite and capture core attributes (such as type, ZIP code service areas, recertification provider status, etc.). Establish rosters of active and past members for each chapter. Capture and report on payments made for chapter memberships.

Events:  Manage everything from a webinar to a trade show using NetSuite’s tiered date-based pricing with member and non-member considerations. With capacity and waitlist, management associations can successfully manage sessions and CEs.

Committee/Volunteers: Ability to track present and historical customer/member volunteer services, Automated promotions and discounts based on volunteer status, Management of volunteer positions such as committee chairs, special interest group leaders

Sponsorship Management: Develop, market, and sell sponsorship packages that bundle together a wide range of products and services with support for negotiated pricing, allowing reps to flexibly specify a total price for the entire sponsorship package.

Subscription Management: Streamline the ability to sell and renew subscription products, including publications, magazines, and other subscription offerings that integrate with outside services for fulfillment (such as eLearning platforms).

Reporting: Access to already created reports or create your own analytics to deliver insight into the health of your organization and engagement of members.

Member Portal: Fully Integrated SuiteCommerce My Account/Portal for members and customers. Access to open and previously closed transactions with the ability to access and update key profile information; Ability to process online payments for open transactions such as membership renewal invoices.

This functionality is not available to only associations. There are many nonprofits and other organizations that can benefit from the individual modules. Whether it is the event module to manage registration and exhibits or the membership module to manage a subscription-based product, these modules can be deployed individually for organizations that have NetSuite already and do not need the entire AMS.

If your organization is interested in learning more about the Advanced AMS for Oracle NetSuite or some of the individual modules contact one of our NetSuite AMS Consultants at

HeidiAnne has over 19 years of experience in the association industry with seven years of hands-on experience implementing AMS systems and 12 years working for various associations. She is an association operations leader, building sustainable infrastructures that can adapt to changing membership models and association needs. In her current role, HeidiAnne delivers advice and consultation on association technology needs and leads the implementation and success of new technology. She brings a unique view to her projects as she has implemented AMS systems from both the client and vendor side. She leverages this experience to help associations implement systems that make them more efficient and better able to serve their members.

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