How to Update the Existing Entity Bank Details of Employee or Vendor Records via CSV Import

By - March 20, 2023


The Entity Bank Details is another Custom Record from the Electronic Bank Payments bundle, but the difficulty in performing a CSV Import for this Custom Record is identifying a unique identifier. This article shows how to display the Internal ID for the Entity Bank Details record and use it for the CSV Import file (Answer ID 27210).

Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Configure the Entity Bank Custom Record

1) Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Record Types     

2) Custom Record Type: Click Bank Details
3) Show ID: Enter Checkmark
4) Click Save

After configuring the Custom Record, the Internal ID of each Entity Bank Details will be displayed under the Bank Payment Details subtab of Employee and Vendor records. The Internal IDs can be utilized as the unique identifier when updating existing records via CSV Import.

Step 2: CVS Import

1) Perform this task by creating a CVS file with the following fields and their values:
  • Internal ID
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Number

The Internal IDs of the records that will be updated can be found on the associated Entity Bank Details on the Employee and Vendor records or an Entity Bank Details Saved Search can be created to identify the Internal IDs.

How to run a saved search to identify the Internal IDs

Step 1: In NetSuite : Lists > Search > Saved Search > New

Step 2: Select Bank Details

Step 3: Select the following fields in the results tab:

  • Internal ID
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Number
  • Parent Employee
  • Parent Employee: Internal ID (type Employee Internal ID) under the custom label tab
  • Parent Vendor:
  • Parent Vendor: Internal ID (type Vendor Internal ID) under the custom label tab

Step 4: Save and Run

Back to the Step by Step Solution

1) Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records

2) Import Type: Select Custom Records
3) Record Type: Select Bank Details
4) Click Select button
5) Click on the preferred CSV file
6) Click Open and Next
7) Data Handling: Select Update
8) Click Advanced Options
9) Custom Form: Select Standard Entity Bank Details Form
10) Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows: Enter Checkmark 
11) Click Next
12) Configure the following on Field Mapping:
13) Click next
14) Import Map Name: Enter Name
15) Click Save & Run
If you have any additional questions regarding updating records via CSV import, please contact our team. 

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