Mass deleting records in NetSuite

By - February 16, 2016

If you have erroneous records in NetSuite, don’t waste your time deleting each one-by-one. In NetSuite, it is possible to delete several records at once using Inline Editing. Deleting records using inline editing is often used during implementations to get rid of test records and transactions prior to go-live. Another case where in-line editing should be used is when records are incorrectly imported. Some records, like items, have several settings that cannot be changed after they are entered into NetSuite therefore, they often require deleting.

Users will also need to have “Full” access to a Record in order to delete it.

To mass delete records:

  1. You must ensure inline editing is enabled in your account, go to: (Setup > Company > Enable Features > Company tab > Data Management section).

2. Create a saved search of the records you want to delete. On the criteria page add the criteria “Main Line = True”

3. After you have ran the search, enable Inline editing on the top left of the page

Article 1 pic 1

4. Click into fields with the Pencil Icon, indicating it is an editable field. If there are no editable fields, add the Memo field to the saved search.

article 1 pic 2

5. Hold the Shift or CNRL keys to select the lines you wish to delete. Then hover over the New field and select Delete.

delete record

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By: Rob Ericson – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider

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