Navigating through NetSuite Faster (Part 2): Keyboard Shortcuts

By - April 24, 2018

In part 1,  Navigating NetSuite Faster: Global Searches, we covered tips and tricks that will allow users to quickly find records using the global search bar in NetSuite. Once you have found the records you were looking for, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to fill out the page faster.

Searching for Data

Now that you know the tricks to using the Global Search, you can press Alt+G to move the cursor directly to the Global Search field.

Entering Data into Records

Use these shortcuts to create or edit records:

  • Press and hold Alt and type the underlined letter in the subtab name to jump to that subtab
  • When editing a record, press Enter to save
  • On a transaction line, press Enter to save the line and go to the next line
  • Press Tab to move the cursor between fields
  • Use the Spacebar to check or clear a check box
  • Use the Spacebar to hit OK on a popup message
  • In Amount fields, use formulas to calculate by addition, subtraction, multiplication or division
  • Press and hold Ctrl and click with your mouse to select multiple choices in a list

Date Fields

In date fields, use the following keyboard shortcuts to change dates:

  • Press Shift+T to enter tomorrow’s date.
  • Press p to enter the end of the current period (0nly works if accounting periods are enabled)
  • Press l (lower case L) to enter the end of the previous period
  • Press t to enter today’s date
  • Press y to enter yesterday’s date
  • Press m to enter the last day of the month
  • Press the Plus Sign (+) to increase one day
  • Press the Minus Sign (-) to decrease one day

Viewing Reports

When viewing reports, you can do the following:

  • Press Page Up to go to the previous page of a report
  • Press Page Down to go to the next page of a report
  • Press Home to go to the first page of a report
  • Press End to go to the last page of a report

I hope that you have found these tips and tricks to be helpful. Using them will allow you to fill out pages faster and navigate through NetSuite more effectively.

Want to learn more about navigating through NetSuite faster? Continue the series in Part 3.

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Written by: Rob Ericson

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