NetSuite for Retail – seamless omnichannel platform

By - March 31, 2017

RSM’s survey of retail executives was recently released and showed the importance retail leaders place on omnichannel retail as a key to margin and growth. As middle market retail trendsetters look for solutions to support their push for increased sales across all channels they are demanding a system that allows consistent brand experience in every customer interaction.

NetSuite natively enables this consistency by combining ERP, CRM, ecommerce and point of sale as one solution without integration points. This allows a single source of truth for customer relationships, buying history and support needs accessible to sales personnel, call center, retail clerks or the customer via your mobile enabled website.

How does NetSuite empower omnichannel retail?

  • No need to create integration points to enable omnichannel – it is already done!
  • Mobile ecommerce is the fastest growing channel, NetSuite’s ecommerce solution is built into the ERP and scales to mobile without additional coding
  • Brick and mortar channel is fully integrated, with NetSuite POS solutions you have full customer history and inventory at your fingertips
  • Your sales team needs to see the full picture. NetSuite’s built in CRM gives them access to the whole story
  • Marketing campaigns and promotions can be managed across all channels or limited to a specific channel
  • If you support products, NetSuite case management gives your organization visibility to customer support history to assure customer satisfaction

RSM is the #1 solution provider of ERP and CRM systems for the middle-market. RSM helps companies evaluate, select and implement the best ERP solutions available and was recently recognized as the 2016 worldwide solution provider of the year by NetSuite. To contact RSM with questions related to this post or any others related to NetSuite, please reach out via email at or by phone at 855.437.7202.

By: Josh Ferguson

Josh first implemented and administered NetSuite in 2007. He has been with RSM since 2012 and is currently a Director in our NetSuite consulting practice.

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