NetSuite Skills Score: A Professional Services Manager’s “Ace in the Hole”

By - September 9, 2015

One of my NetSuite clients told me that her key to success at her software company was to always have her “Ace in the Hole”.  She was referring to a senior staff member that she relied on to help customers out that may have issues or lead difficult or strategic customer engagements.

As any technology or professional services manager can tell you, when this resource does get involved, things go great.  The project goes well, clients are happy and both the end customer and the service provider win.  The other side of this coin is what happens to the other projects that the ace was working with.  These clients have deadlines as well, and professional services managers need to juggle multiple client priorities.

NetSuite solved this problem by providing visibility into a full team availability, as well as who can fill in the gaps based off of a convenient skills score.  This allows professional services managers to select not only where to utilize their top talent, but additional visibility into the team members that they need to address all clients needs.

This skills score is one of many facets of a Services Resource Planning implementation and it is necessary to think through all of the possible reporting and processes that will come with your software.

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By: Eric Myers – National NetSuite Solution Provider

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