What Oracle NetSuite will look like in 2017

By - December 6, 2016

Last Thursday, Dec. 1st, Oracle held its first public meeting to talk about the future of NetSuite now that it is within the Oracle family. The topic for the discussion was “Oracle + NetSuite – Serving Startups to Global Enterprises.” The Oracle NetSuite webcast was lead by Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd. Also contributing were Jim McGeever, Evan Goldberg and Steve Miranda.

Let’s address some of the key things discussed that is on everyone’s minds (In no particular order):

  1. NetSuite will be organized as a global business unit within Oracle.
  2. Zach Nelson to remain with Oracle as a Cloud evangelist – This will cover all of Oracle’s cloud products and not just NetSuite.
  3. Jim McGeever will lead the NetSuite Global Business Unit and will report directly to Mark Hurd.
  4.  Evan Goldberg will continue to lead the product initiative for the NetSuite global business unit and will report to Jim McGeever.
  5. Pricing – Mark Hurd fielded a question from the crowd who was an existing NetSuite customer who asked if pricing was going to change. Mark’s response – No. The intention is to keep the pricing the same. He did remark with a grin that current NetSuite customers will get the honor of more Oracle sales reps calling to cross sell products.

Following the webcast I had the chance to interview Matt Kenney, Principal with RSM on some of the topics discussed. You can see that video below.

It’s all about GROWTH! According to Jim McGeever, NetSuite is looking to do more…more…more. With the acquisition of NetSuite, Oracle now has a lot better looking SaaS pitch with 10,000 more customers added to its already 2,500 SaaS customers.

Oracle had touted to be the No. 1 cloud ERP for the Enterprise space. NetSuite was the No. 1 cloud ERP for the small and midsized market, so on stage they deduced that Oracle is officially the No. 1 cloud ERP provider across the board.


As the two companies start to integrate and develop things on the operations side of the house, the mission seems clear that it’s all about growth, delivering a fantastic product and delighting their customers. RSM has been NetSuite’s worldwide partner of the year three out of the last 4 years and continues to invest in its NetSuite practice. These announcements from Mark Hurd and Jim McGeever only help RSM’s NetSuite practice and as Matt explains in the video that the alignment now is more suited for RSM to help its clients even further. The ability to leverage RSM’s global network and capabilities means one thing for RSM NetSuite clients and that’s “More” of the great service that you get today but on a global scale.

For questions regarding RSM’s NetSuite practice, visit our website at www.rsmus.com/netsuite or reach us by email at erp@rsmus.com.

By: Brent Knowles (to stay up to date on the Oracle NetSuite acquisition, follow me on social media)

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