Using Shared Calendars in NetSuite

By - January 26, 2016

NetSuite has robust calendar capabilities. These Features can be leveraged to coordinate projects internally. Using NetSuite as a calendar has the added benefit of tracking employee usage and eliminates the need for an external scheduling system. These calendars can be pushed to teams and access can be restricted so only certain employees can edit the scheduling.

The calendar is located in a portlet on the Activities Dashboard.

If you go the Activities subtab, you can find the calendar dashboard portlet.  From this portlet, you can use the drop-down to select any calendars that are shared with you. See below:


article 2 pic 1

To create a new shared calendar, Go to the Activities Tab > Create Event > in the Resources Tab Create a new Resource Group. To create a new Resource Group, select New at the bottom of the dropdown and add the employees you wish to share the calendar with.article 2 pic 2

Below is the process of creating a new Resource Group for events. Notice that you can specify the access level for each employee. In the Sharing field, you can specify who in the company can see the group when creating new calendars.article 2 pic 3

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By: Rob Ericson – Colorado NetSuite Solution Provider


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